Set up a subject list and allow your child to choose from a list of electives as well. After all, school can’t be just English and History. Allow your child to help determine the order of the classes and how they want the semesters set up. For instance, you can choose to teach the same classes all year, or teach half the classes one semester and the other half the next semester.

Why couldn’t that work for you? Imagine this, Johnny or Jane has to go to school. You wake them up, feed them, and then they calmly step into the transporter. You hand them their lunch, blow them a kiss, and with a big smile on your face, you push the button. Your child turns into a million little energy pieces before your eyes and then disappears. They are off to school, and you are on your way to a relaxing cup of coffee and a leisurely reading of the paper before you start your day. No yelling at kids to hurry up– No racing out to the car half-dressed, a piece of dry toast hanging from your mouth.

It was she that broke their gaze first, while he still stood riveted to the ground, savouring the moment. By the time he moved away, he knew she was interested in him too. She may not let on in front of the others, but it was now too obvious to ignore. And that was something he could live with.

Constantly listen to your kids and acknowledge their feelings – even if you disagree with them. You must become a “safe-place,” not a judgmental disciplinarian. If your kids feel safe at home communicating with you, they won’t look for safety in a cigarette.

As we grow older our goodbyes get harder. With the nature of my dad’s employment I spent 17 years of my life traveling worldwide. I attended many schools, and said goodbye to many friends. Looking back, it was an education in itself being able to travel worldwide, but it also meant that i missed out on the normal growing up functions of life. Longtime childhood friends, school activities, such as a prom, and your high school friendships rank on the top of the list. I became a pro at saying “goodbye.” I truly believe that leaving so many friends is the reason I place such importance on relationships.

Your decision to homeschool you first grader is a great responsibility. Don’t panic. Don’t stress out. Yes, this is an important time in the life of your child, and you may not feel prepared or capable. Relax. Have fun. Your child will learn every thing he needs if you enjoy school.

Goodbyes are an integral part of our lives. We all go through changing jobs and saying goodbye to people we have worked with and grown close to. My relationships with people are very important to me. I can remember one job in particular. I worked for SMRT, Inc. in Portland, Maine. On my last day I managed to sob my way around 42 desks saying goodbye. These people still hold a warm place in my heart. This was my most gratifying, favorite job, other than being a mom!

For each class, either create set lesson plans for each week or at the very least, a list of goals. Each state has certain criteria your child must meet to be at grade level. You can use these criteria to help create your goals and lesson plans.